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10 days left before I can celebrate...
On the 16th of September, within exactly 10 days, I will celebrate my 22nd birthday. I've already planned a concert (Gyptian is coming to Antwerp!) during my birthday weekend and a shopping spree. Therefor I'm still doubting between Koln/Cologne or Amsterdam cause both are my favorite shopping places. If I could I would spend everything on two items I've been wishing for since I started to make my birthday wishlist. And next to visiting one (or maybe both?) of my favorite cities, I just want to party all night and day.

Every year again I start saving up for my own birthday present. It's a day that I treat myself with an extra small present. Well small? Until now it has always been a Designer handbag, but this year I really want to get myself some Louboutin heels too. 'Cause simply every woman deserves a pair of Louboutins. Unfortunately the decisions isn't that easy. The Givenchy 'Antigone' has caught my eyes since my last trip at the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and I really can't get it out of my head...

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  1. Die tas is echt geweldig babe!



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