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Giving it what it deserves...
The posts about the 'SELFIES WITH MAC' are such a great success but there're still a lot of other lipstick colors to show you. And to be honest, before buying these acrylic lipstick holders, I was just keeping it in one box. Mixed together and no clear view on the colors I already had, which turned into having double lipsticks and searching for the one perfect color for several minutes.

Time for a change! Because these dear lipsticks deserve a well storaged space in my room. It started with one which wasn't full while taking these pictures and right now I already have a second ostand who's starting to fill up with new colors.

I also ordered a small drawer for my eyeshadows, pencils and bronzers to keep everything as organised as possible! Just how it has to be... The next item on my wishlist is the MAC make-up trolly. I know it's mostly used by professional make-up artists, but since I started those selfies and several new looks, it itches my beauty-fingers and I really want to expend my collection. Maybe for Christmas?

(Acrylic lipstick storage via Ebay)

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  1. Oh wauw! Super handig! Mijn lipsticks zijn meestal van Estée Lauder, denk je dat die er ook in zouden passen? Ze zijn iets dikker en hoekiger dan die van MAC wel.

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Hey Marlies!
      Ja hoor past. Is eigenlijk voor alle lippenstiften. Want heb er van YSL, Chanel en dikkere van MAC ook in zitten! xxx

    2. Heb ik ook! Maar bij mij passen er belange niet al mijn lippenstiften in omdat sommige echt wel dikker zijn :) maar heb er eentje van Estee en die gaat erin!


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