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At the end of March I started doing fitness twice or three times in a week, combinated with abs exercises. It last untill my holidays in May and after coming back I didn't return to the gym. The excuse? My new job, not enough time for myself or the blog and leaving my weekly routine on a low base because I gave priority to other things. The result when you are a donut-lover? Having back the body I used to have in March. More than a small healthy layer of fat, I call it my donut fat and less energy than before. But not for long anymore...

Vittel contacted me for a great challenge. Their #TIMETOMOVE-challenge is motivating people to schedule some time every week to do sports or for work outs, to get back in shape and last but not least: getting ready for the VITTEL RUN in Paris within 8weeks. 

You all know I've been through a burn-out and finding time for myself is now the most essential key in life. It's true that we're sometimes so busy with work, social media, going out with friends and enjoying life, that we actually forget to make a moment free for sport and a healthy lifestyle. 

As I completely felt well-known with this kind of 'problem', I accepted the challenge and will keep you up to date about my routines, work outs and how I find the time to have a little me-moment every once and a while in the week. Since I've started I've been posting some shots on Instagram (@CINDYVANDYCK), but it has only been only one week, so be ready for lots of sport related updates. #healthylife

If you want to join their challenge and work out together, you can go to Vittel.com and enter! Maybe we will see eachother in Paris soon? #timetomove

- Sportswear by Oysho

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