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While most of us are being worried about the weather for the coming weekend, as Tomorrowland is waiting for us, I'm taking you back to the first weekend of July when we went to Summer Festival in Antwerp, a Festival which puts the focus on young people between 16 and 24years old and attracted 33K people during this 2017 edition.

Just as most of the other festivals I'm doing this year, Summer Festival is also one of those I'm going to for the first time. Even though it's only about 20minutes from where I live, I never had the opportunity to go. With a group of Blogger friends we decided to all go and we had another great Sunday spend together.

On the festival area there were different stages: one for the hard style music lovers, a Bloody Louis stage with more Hip-Hop related music and also one big main stage in collaboration with Carré, a dancing club in Antwerp. But next to a huge mix of different styles (so everyone could find the music they love) you were also able to sport and workout, enjoy a make up look by MAC Cosmetics or discover the GlamGlow products. At Perier you had a painting stand where you could create some body art and there's so much more to tell! Especially the sports area got my attention. From surfing, to boxing, yoga and American Football: it was all possible. It's the only Festival I know where these different sports are coming all together in a decoration of partying and vibrant atmospheres. 

The moment we enjoyed the most was the act of 'Kraantje Pappie', a Dutch rapper which is well known for his off-beats rapping skill. We jumped and sang the whole time! It was just great. Later on we filled our stomachs with some typical Festival food: fries (Frieterij), pizza (Il Capriani) and meatballs (Balls&Glory). 

Even though this Festival is for younger Festival lovers, we really enjoyed our time there! So if I have the opportunity to go back next year, I definitely will. And again a big thanks to WE Fashion for the festival proof outfit!

All pictures are made by Cindy Van Dyck, owner of this blog, and can't be used without permission.

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