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Diamonds are a girl's best friend...
The location and interior of the Excelsior Ernst hotel in Koln was just breathtaking. The historic elements in combination with the rich feelings (because of the interior and style) and the exceptional kind service, it felt like you stayed at a castle. A castle where you could meet your Prince Charming each moment and who would pick you up for a romantic evening in Koln... Defenitely like a fairytale kind of scene. And it was almost reality!

From a piano bar to a lounge with real royal seats. Those kind of seats from the magazines, where models are posing and which every girl actually wants into her dressing. Or to make it more common: that kind of chair where Julia posed with her necklace for Romeo... Oh! Okay, stop the dreaming, time to get to the point.

Breakfast time! The most important meal of the day and at the same time the most enjoyable meal for me. I can really enjoy a good breakfast. Especially when it's as extensive and delicious as this one at Excelsior. You could find anything you could wish for. From fruits to Muesli flakes and from all kind of fish to eggs. Also different sorts of fillings for the sandwishes (even Nutella Choco). Do I need to say more? I think the pictures are saying enough...

And because we felt like being in a fairytale castle, I find it the perfect occasion to wear my new necklace from Twice as nice. It's from their new winter collection and in combination with my red shirt, the rich colors of the stones came out well. And even if I'm not a huge fan of gold or golden jewelry, this necklace absolutely deserves a special place in the jewelry drawer. My new favorite piece for this winter has been choosen!

And now let me keep on dreaming about the fairytale...

(Primark shirt // Twice as Nice jewelry)

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