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A soothing atmosphere...
The bedroom again! In my last post I was talking about the minimalistic feeling in the room as I didn't want a TV or any other kind of electronics/items to distract me. But after looking for some more inspiration I decided to style the room a bit more, especially as it has been build instead of the attic and it needed something more special. 
So new dark blue sheets have been added, some candles, a fur blanket and I've also installed a VELUX
The perfect system to control the natural light in your room. 

I've always been kind of a 'control-freak' when it comes to having day light into my bedroom. I don't want any kind of light during the night and in the morning I love to see the first sunbeams. A huge dilemma, I know! But with the VELUX roman blinds system, the problem has been solved in a click. I discovered their multifunctional system at my parents house for the first time and I knew I needed this curtain in my bedroom from the beginning. Mine is dark blue and the exact same duo version as mine can be found here

It's a lot more cosy now, isn't it? #happyme

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