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And a new lipstick...
That I am a Mac Cosmetics addict is no longer a secret. I'm checking their store quite often to score some new lipstick colors and to discover new beauty trends. 
Since I discovered the brand, I also started to experiment with make up on my eyes. Trying to make new eye shadow combinations was never so easy, even though 5years ago it seemed completely a no-go for me to try make-up looks. But as you see, opinions can change after 5years of blogging!

And when I got myself a new lipstick, the new blogproject says 'It's time for some selfies with MAC'! 
This selfie round isn't made with my camera in my new house, but in my bed. As it is sunday today and I really wanted to spend it as it has to be: lazy and comfortable watching movies in bed and just doing nothing. A typical sunday mood, isn't it? Yet, I still wanted to show you the new color, Fashion Revival, from the MAC matte lipstick collection. So here they are; some real selfies from lazy me.

(Fashion Revival lipstick from MAC COSMETICS // H&M special bra)

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