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Ph. Stijn Vandenbussche

Dress the way you feel...
In this fourth and last 'GREY WINTER BASICS' post, in collaboration with H&M, I'm wearing a complete different outfit style contrary to the other looks I've shown you before. The looks were all more feminine (the looks were combinated with heels) and I showed you them with a grey midlong skirt, a draped cardigan and a fluffy scarf. This outfit is more casual and sporty. And it shows how I'm dressed up during a normal day for work or when I'm walking around in the city during the weekend. It's a relaxed and comfortable outfit but yet dressed up.

I always dress the way I feel. Whether it's for work or when I go out. If I feel in need to wear sneakers, I just will. And some days you will see me wearing the highest heels I own, just because I feel good in them that day. You will never see me wearing something I don't feel comfortable in.

And for me, that's what it's all about. 
Wearing what you want, clothes where YOU feel good in and just being yourself. Amen to that!

(H&M bomber jacket // Zara top, trousers and sneakers)

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