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Craftmanship from Italy...
Let me introduce you something new and quite pretty, beautiful in jewlery land: Jack & Co.
Jack & Co started in 2012 with their own fine jewelry collection made of 925 silver and made out of the best quality and craftmanship from Italy. The name and logo are inspired by the Jack Russell; a little dog with a strong personality and yet very 'chic'. Jack stands for femininity, elegance and simplicity. Or in other words: my style.

By seeing the bracelets, rings and earrings for the first time, I immediately got excited and saw my own personality and style matching their designs. So I was ofcourse very honored and touched when Jack&Co asked me to be their first 'Belgian' face/blogger and to introduce their designs into my own world. #thanksagain

My favorite collection is their 'ROCK' collection. It's made out of jewelry with strong words such as: love, rock, dream and luck. Keywords we all use and need in life. This collection has been shooted and will be online very soon. I also liked the designs from the 'LOVE IS IN THE AIR' campaign and will shoot them too.

I'm sure you've seen already a couple of pictures passing by on Instagram with these pretty rings and bracelets. And I can't wait to show you more of the Jack & Co jewelry collection. #imsoexcited


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