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Hello barbecues, cocktails and sunshine! We're all so happy to have those times back and it looks like we will be able to enjoy it a little longer than only this week. I'm already with my head on vacations as I'm going to Malaga soon with my parents, but I'm also planning nice evenings with friends and relaxing me-times with a good glass of wine. This summer Lillet and I will be working together on some articles concerning those subjects; relaxing with friends, good drinks and taking the time for yourself. Three important moments in life that we often forget due to work but which are so important to get through the daily routines and to avoid that your body shuts down. 

A little bit of history...
Lillet, a French aperitif wine from Bordeaux, was founded back in 1887 by the brothers Paul and Raymond Lillet. It was the first and only aperitif drink back then. It was only around 1920 and '30 than Lillet became more well known in France and other parts of the world thanks to their first campaign by Robert Wolff in 1937. After the second war they focused on exporting to America and it became the star drink in NYC. During the coming years the whole world discovered Lillet bit by bit and they also started to organise tasting sessions in Bordeaux itself since 1985. Until now people are still discovering the drink every day in many different ways (Rose, Rouge, Blanc...). There's a lot of choice and a taste for everyone. They even won 10 gold medals 'till now. How incredible is that?

The bottle is well known by it's vintage look and is currently produced on a naturally and artisanal way in Podensac cellars. The wine itself is made out of 85% of strict selected wines, like Sémillon and Sauvignon, and contains 15% of fruit liquors such as oranges. Especially women are a big fan of the wine (they're best friends right?) and different cocktails can be made thanks to Lillet. So this summer we will be sharing different recipes and ideas to enjoy a delicious glass a la Française. Are you a wine love? Than definitely check out the blog and the Lillet newsletter to get the best recipes.

If you can't wait you can already buy your bottle in grocery stores such as Delhaize and Albert Heijn. For 75CL you pay around 13€, depending on the sort of wine you choose. 

This post has been made in collaboration with Lillet

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