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On Saturday, the 24th of June, I had an amazing time at the Paradise City Festival. About the event itself I will tell you more in another post. Today we talk about the outfit I worn to the festival.

You could see the perfect festival basics last week. It was a selection of striped tops, a good pair of high waisted shorts, funny socks and a parka for when it rains. The cotton loose fit dress and parka were the two items I worn during the weekend as it wasn't so cold but it was raining from time to time. Oh yes, I almost forgot that it's typically for Belgium... The outfit was so comfortable that I could do all my crazy dance moves without worrying that it was too short or that the moves would get limited because of some tight clothes. Did you see me dance? I bet you saw me having a lot of fun with friends though (on IG especially).

Simplicity is everything. If you choose good basics you can complete your look by adding more special accessories like the flower headband, the leather boots or green sunglasses like mine from Neubau Eyewear. So if you still need some basics, check previous post out for tips and to discover the WE Fashion collection!

Find more inspiration for your looks on www.wefashion.com. #festivalproof

(Parka and dress by WE Fashion // Leather boots from Sacha // Emerald green sunnies from Neubau)

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