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The upcoming weekends we will be hopping from one festival to another and changing outfit after outfit to be festival proof on each event. Today I'm showing you my favorite pieces from Esprit, a store I've been shopping at for over 10years now and where I can still find the right pieces I need.

Esprit did an amazing job on creating festival proof accessories this year. They have pages full of jewelry, headbands, shoes and loads of different handbag styles. My 5 musthaves are the black leather backpack, the silver headband, a pair of sunnies, the espadrilles and a set of bracelets to complete my look. Which look did I choose? A casual rock style! Completely me right? Especially take a look at the short sleeved denim jacket. That's definitely a must have for this festival season. And the tee with 'Monday is cancelled' is quite accurate for all of us... A little extra on the parka: it's water proof and because of the tin fabric easily to fold up in your backpack! 

Are there items of this look that you would wear as well? Let me know!

1. Short sleeved denim jacket, €59,99 // 2. Tshirt with text, €15,99
3. Shorts with stars, €49,99 // 4. Nylon light jacket, €39.99

5. Black leather backpack, €59,99 // 6. Silver headband, €16,99 // 7. Black unisex sunglasses, €49,90 // 8. Black suede espadrilles, €59.99 // 9. Set of bracelets, €16,99

- This post has been made in Collaboration with Esprit.

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