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Most of us, whom are starting a blog or website, want to be noticed. Not only by the people behind their smartphone or computer that are potential loyal reader of follower, but also the PR agencies, other co-bloggers, and probably also brands or webshops. To be noticed you need to brand your blog/business. And yes, some don't need to and will get noticed automatically, but I'm sure that some of my personal tricks will help some of you. 

The most important rule for me, is that you love what you do. You need to love your blog or the business that you started. Waking up with the thoughts that it will be another long day at work won't help at all. Do something you're passionated about and write about what inspires/interests you.

And even if you don't like every part of the job, that's completely realistic, you can still decide to work in team. For example: you don't like to take pictures for your blog? Maybe one of your friends or parents are pleased to help you with your pictures! As long as it stays fun for you, it will be fun to do.

Prepared to what? To success! Starting a blog or business can lead to (a lot sometimes) success. You're putting a part of your personal life online. People may love it so much that start sharing what you do on all social media and before you know you will get noticed by others. 

Time management is a very important key to help you to be prepared. 
Make a schedule or agenda for yourself. Write down what your plans are for the coming days or weeks. Also a blogpost-schedule can help if you don't want to forget to post something. Cause sharing news or something important before others is very notable and people will love that!
And if new opportunities show up between your planned activities, decide what your priorities are. Dare to say 'No, thank you', when the event or meeting isn't exactly what you're looking for. And hey! Don't forget to plan a night out with the girls or family...

There are a lot of possibilities to brand your blog. It depends on what you like the most and with what type of branding you feel comfortable with. The basic 'rules' won't change:
- Business cards: to hand out during events or when you're walking on the streets and you take a picture of someone's look. This card gives (beside you ofcourse) a first impression of your blog and business. Be sure that it represents your business and that it can be related to eachother. Also it's important to share the informations on it where people can contact you and some social media.

-  Social Media: build up your business and blog by using social media. We currently all have Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Even Tumblr or Pinterest are a way to let people know who you are and what you do. Make an account on some of them (of if you want, all of them) and go promote your blog!

- Events: Events are the best opportunity to get to know other people. As I said before: not only potential readers or followers, but also PR, brand managers, etc will be present on an event. Therefor it's important to dare to speak and to present yourself to others. Always have your business card with you to leave your mark and be yourself. Believe in what you do and who you are. People recognize self-confidence immediately and will keep that in mind.

- PROMOTION: You will always have the opportunity to buy advertorials (for example on Facebook) or to be a guest-blogger on someone else's blog so you can be noticed. For me it's very important that you only do it when you want to do that. Making a promotion with ads can be very expensive (if you don't pay attention). It's better to prepare a budget on what you want to spend for the blog and to stick to that budget to avoid crazy notes.

Without social media you're nowadays nowhere. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the places to be to brand yourself (read point 3. for more). The key? Post regularly (about 3times a day) and use the right hashtags that can lead the people, who are searching for a certain subject, to your pictures and posts. 
It's also very important that you give something back to your loyal followers. Regram their posts or pictures to do a favor. Comment back on their reactions and don't forget to answer their questions. You will create a band with that and that's so important to keep.

And last but not least: be yourself! Don't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable!

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  1. Fijn artikel! Ik ben zelf ook steeds meer bezig met het professionaliseren van mijn blog. Ook goed voor mezelf omdat ik van nature bijv een ramp ben op gebied van planning ect. Nu forceer ik mezelf dmv mijn blog die kanten van mijn persoonlijkheid te verbeteren. Ik ben nu ook bezig met het ontwerpen van een logo zodat ik die op business cards kan gebruiken… echt heel leuk om te doen!


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