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Since the beginning of the Home Project and choosing some lovely items (decoration and furniture) that I would like to use, I always go back to the familiar black and white. And even if I feel comfortable with that combination and I truly love it, I still want to break those two colors. That's why I decided to choose an eye-catching color for each room. Colors such as yellow, mint, red and blue will specify each room and give some extra character into it. Some rooms will have the colors on the walls, others will be decorated with those colorful items or furniture.

And especially now that all the lovely items are entering (from the Home Project), it is so much fun to discover how I want my rooms to look like and what kind of combination will work. Given that the walls don't have their definitive paint layer and that we still need to place the floors (last minute work), I made my mini-photostudio in the dressing room where I currently shoot small combinations with those items from the collaborations and
items I loved so much that I already bought them. And if I need to believe my friends and family, I already have too much! Haha...

Also the grey decoration items are so cute, especially the teddybear. Grey is as minimalistic as the colors black and white, but it still breaks the monotonous effect. Especially when it's that kind of light-soft grey. I love it! The quilted bedcover is from Kristina Dam, a Danish designer with some amazing art, design and interior work. By saying this I already revealed one of the colors that I will use in one of the rooms... Now guess where?

And about that lovely poster with the alphabet, it's from Monomini prints! I already made a small introducing post about these two lovely Belgian ladies. But now you can finally discover their work! I will get a black tape as soon as possible to fix the posters to the walls. The white candleholder is from Kahler, another great Danish brand! 

One thing is for sure: my house will get an overload of Scandinavian influences.

(Grey teddybear from CASA, white basket from FONQ)

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  1. Wauw, wat ziet het er mooi uit! Dat beertje is echt heel lief <3

  2. Mooi!! Grijs is zo classy <3


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