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Time to think about the details...
The renovations in the house are going fast. The second and first floor are finished and it's time to give those walls the final colors and to place the new floor. By getting to this new stage, I really can't wait to start decoration and I already got some new items to use in my rooms.

For example: this white woven chair and box. You can actually put a lot of stuff in it (that you don't want other to see, lol) and you can use it as a chair too. Double win! 
The crossed plaid is from Jamie Kay, it's so large and soft. perfect for when I'm reading a book or in bed for some extra warmth. And my new slip ons are matching my new items!

(Jamie Kay crossed blanket // Zara grey slipons // Ikea woven chair // White box from Casa)

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  1. Mooie schoenen! liefs irene



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