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Meet my costumized Nikes...
Since I made my birthday wishlist in September, I was craving for my own costumized Nikes. I wasn't aible to find the perfect black sneakers, or they didn't have my size, so I just wanted to create them myself. My own design, favorite details and fabrics.

The delivery and making process of these own designed sneakers were the only fact that kept me from ordering them. I didn't want to wait for 5-6weeks to get my hands on them. I'm just a little bit too impatient for that kind of things. When something goes into my mind I need it, like right now. But the search for the perfect ones was still going on and I was done with it. So 3weeks ago I started to created sneakers on the Nike ID web, over and over again, 'till I had the perfect design. Normally they would arrive mid-december, but I already received them last week! Happy me and happy feet.

They're a combination of my minimalistic style with the eyecatching design of the sole in marble. The leather is perforated with a snake motive and my name is on the back of the shoes. Me, myself and I.  
I'm ready to run the world with them!

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