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A great start of the year...
In my recap of 2014 I wished you all a lovely new year. A year full of love, health, great memories and ofcourse new shoes and bags! And even though I wished this for you, my readers, I kinda took this message personally too and started the year with a new pair of shoes! Ahw, why not.
These Saint Laurent inspired booties caught my eyes during work. They were so beautiful! I could immediately imagine some outfits with them. And when you find a new item and you can see several looks with it; it's a good purchase! #goldentip     So yes, I took them home, shooted them with my light box (I need a new one btw!) and can't wait to show you some outfits with these babes.

It's a great start of the year if you ask me! I hope you've all had a great evening celebrating the new year and 
I wish you all the best for what's still coming. Happy 2015!


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