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Back to reality...
After 10days of vacations, going back to work wasn't that easy at all. Especially not in the morning when you need to choose an outfit to work with. I was used to walk around in my joggings every single day, like I was living in them. And let's be honest: what would we be without our favorite jogging on a sunday or a day off?

This black two-set jogging from Adidas is the third look I present you in collaboration with 3Suisses. As I am also writing more about lifestyle I choose a relax look to mix the styles. Not only dressed up or casual outfits, but also something we would all wear during the week. And I found this set so pretty that I needed to share it with you. And in combination with the Snake sneakers I've shown you before, this look is my favorite of all. Relax, comfortable and in BLACK! 

The fourth and last look will be online when their Magalogue will be released in April. Exciting!

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