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It was my first designer bag...
When I was 16years old I finally saved enough money for my first designer bag. I ran into the Louis Vuitton store in Antwerp on my birthday and got myself a personalised Speedy. The medium one in dark chocolate. I was so proud, so happy and realised 'working hard pays off'. That moment I decided to spoil myself each anniversary with a new designer bag. And if I really saved enough; maybe twice a year depending on the price of it.

What came next? Furla, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Delvaux, Sophie Hulme, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler and Rebecca Minkoff. And as I sold my first Louis Vuitton to get one of these other handbags, I decided it was time to get the Vuitton back into the family. They're the reason why my love for designer bags grew so much and they needed a place in my collection as well.

The bag? Another crossbody bag. I already have a lot of big totes or models that I needed a new, different, kind of small bag. Very comfortable during a shopping trip or for a night out. And I choose a design which isn't so 'popular' and you don't see everyday on the streets. As Louis Vuitton is quite famous because of their Speedy models, I wanted something completely different. The Louis Vuitton METIS POCHETTE is my new love. And even though I was doubting when I saw it the first time on the internet (because it's not the typical black color I would go for), when the (sweet and lovely) lady took it out of it's dustbag; my heart skipped a beat. Okay, that's him! I love it, I need it. You know that feeling when you find what you've been looking for? It was that kind of feeling...

Oh yes I'm in love, in love with Vuitton...


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  1. In love with the bag. I absolutely love louis vuitton as wel.. I love that (just like chanel) the bags increase in value instead of loose their value. Very nice investment...

    xoxo Sayenne


  2. Well, lets see how long it will take before you decide to sell it again this time.

    1. Well, great to see that you care :D! Keep on sharing the love dear


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