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Six years full of happy moments...
It was June 2009. As many other simple 16year old girls, I loved to share my thoughts and wanted to be 'heard'. Let's call it puberty of whatever it may be, but I loved to rebel against the normal 'things' in life. I wanted something to express my feelings on and to share what I loved as a 16year old girl. Not a dairy on pieces of paper but something more easy to share. And that's how I discovered 'Blogger'. But let's say that blogging just started in Belgium that time and it was quite unknown for most of the people outside the blogger world. And finding a perfect name for the blog was even more difficult than starting one. After some brainstorming 'Your daily dose of Fashion' was born and 6years later I even started a new blog 'The after work Blog' who will celebrate his first birthday within one month. #anothercelebration

My first blogposts were so funny! I had a typical 'mom & dad'-camera with a horrible flash. Yes I do still have some of those pictures, but I will keep them for myself, haha. And it took me 2years before getting myself a good camera. As blogging was just a way to express my love for fashion and style, I didn't thought it would become a second 'almost' fulltime job. Because it is a fulltime job. Even now I still have people reacting like 'Oh I want to start a blog too, it looks like a good life'. Well a good blog doesn't pop out as easy as it sounds. We work on texts, pictures and layout many many hours! Staying unique and finding your own way into the bloggers world is taking a lot of energy too. As we have now over thousands, maybe even millions of blogs, we need to stand out after 6years. But besides that, I can't even imagine my life without my blog, Canon or iPhone to shoot and share all the looks or things I like. Even social media wasn't so important. Now you can't even do a day without Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Let's say; it's another job too! Haha. Oh God, everything changes so fast! #thegoodtimes

Now it's the 7th of June 2015 and I'm still into the blogger world as an almost fulltime blogger. I still enjoy it as much as when I wrote my first blogpost back in 2009 (about a pair of shoes I found on Asos and wated the opinion of my school friends). And starting this new blog project 'The after work Blog' was the best decision I've ever made. It's not because you've been blogging on the same web for over years, that you can't change. Yes I was a little scared at the beginning to loose readers, followers and the intrest of some PR people (because Thank God they exist and that they believe in us so much!). But everything turned out well and made blogging for me even more exciting each single day.

Thank you so much to all of you! My mom for taking all the pictures, my colleagues at work for supporting and following my second job, my co-blogger colleagues for making blogging so much fun. Thank you to all my readers for all the support, love and happiness and thank you to the PR agencies for always believing in what I did, where the blog stands for and all the amazing opportunities I had during all these years of blogging.

Like popping a bottle of champagne on New Year, I want to say 'Cheers to a new blogger year!' I can't wait for what will come during the other many years of blogging. But I'm excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

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  1. Proficiat! Super leuk om te lezen hoe je begonnen bent :D

    XO Dries

  2. Hi Cindy! Ik heb je vraag beantwoord, weet alleen niet of je daar melding van krijgt? XX

    1. Hi meid! Wat lief van je dank je. Ik krijg er inderdaad geen melding van, en zag laatst ook de reactie niet staan :/. Ik probeer het nogmaals! xxx dankje


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