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Hello to all coffee addicts! I'm one myself and it all started about two years ago with the new job. Not to be the typical kind of woman at the office with a coffee, but just because I love the different kind of flavours and the freshness of cold coffee during a break. Mix it with caramel or chocolate and you got me good. As it's my sweet darling, it's time to share with you my favorite flavours together with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE: The easiest way to drink coffee while you’re on the road or discovering a city.

Every city I visit for work has a different kind of coffee I love. For example in Brussels, I always go for a cappuccino. And let me tell you straight: it's also my favorite kind. So lucky me for spending most of the time in Brussels at the Office. Cappuchino all the way! But Brussel isn’t only a place I visit often for work. You  can find me a lot at Toison d’Or. A street full of amazing stores and bars.Like ‘People’: a bar where you can drink the most delicious cocktails and hot drinks after work on a terrace in the sun. And if you love shopping: Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo (Chanel, Tiffany’s) are just next to it.

And then you have Antwerp. My favorite city for shopping in Belgium. It's a city full of animation, energetic people and even in the evening you can always go for a drink or dinner. I even love to sit at the water in Antwerp, Schelde, with a caramel tasted coffee in the hand. It's my cold dessert after a long day and gives me sweet energy for the rest of the evening. So talking about food and drinks… In Antwerp you can spend whole days discovering places and hotspots. Starting with Vascobello for your perfect breakfast or brunch. From going to ‘Da Giovanni’ if you love the Italian kitchen. Also ‘Muro’ is one of my favorite restaurants (Turkish menu) and ending at ‘Cocktail at Nine’ will make you feel at home while being in the center of our Fashion town Antwerp.

But sometimes you dream about your favorite places and want to go back as soon as possible. Right now I'm craving to go back to Madrid and have my Latte Macchiato in the early morning before starting shopping. Because your breakfast is the most important moment of the day! And what’s better than starting it with your favorite kind of coffee in the hand? Indeed, nothing can compare to it. When you’re in Madrid be sure to visit ‘Calle de Barcelona’ for the most delicious food and ‘Calle de Serrano’ if you want to find shopping heaven on earth.

Coffee, my dear coffee. What would I do without you?

- This post has been written in partnership with Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE

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