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Getting ready for Ibiza...
Every single one of us, bloggers and even people outside the blogger world, have a smartphone. Even an iPad or computer to be online on Social Media and to share everything that inspires us or personal shots (think about Snapchat, Instagram...) is quite often near by to stay up to date. As we (especially I) quite often take the phone to bed to stay an hour, or two/three, online before we fall asleep, it's time to detox from time to time and to leave the phone beside you...

Gin Mare, the premium Gin brand known for his mediterranean roots, decided to create the first luxury detox center, like a daycare for Mobile phones. Where and when? It opens the 11th of September (5days before my birthday, yay!) in the luxurious Villa Mare in Ibiza. And the best thing of all: it's totally free of charge. Can you see me already laying in the sun, relaxing with a glass of Gin and not being worried about life here in Belgium? Exactly, take me there... You can even participate to the yoga lessons  and meditation classes. And it even gets better:

!You! can win a spot in the opening of the detox center in Ibiza. Yes you heard it well! Through the website: www.daycareformobilephones.com you can enter to win a spot. And what you need to do to pass the test? Prove that you can live 72hours without your phone! But don't worry, you won't be offline for 100%. A 'stress test kit' will be delivered with personal materials to get you through the 3days of detox. So it's worth a try isn't it?

I already collected my detox materials to get through it: my Dior Sunglasses, some good music with the Marshall headphone and a bottle of Gin Mare to enjoy the evening. I'm ready for the detox, are you too?


(Dior sunglasses // Sacha sandals // Marshall headphones)

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