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Tested and approved! The l'Oreal Steampod is the best smoothing system I've ever tried. And now I can all hear you thinking: 'Why in the hell would you use this with your short haircut?'. Because it's growing quite fast, it's getting longer a bit by bit and as I usually do a brushing after washing my hear, it gets damaged. So a short haircut or not: you need to keep your hair healthy.

L'Oreal launched their first smoothing system on steam in 2012 and now, four years later, they launched a special edition inspired by Brazil. We've seen some inspirations on the catwalks and beauty trends as well for the SS16 collection that even L'Oreal got inspired. And it's that edition that I had the possibility to try. #andhellyes I love the Steampod! But why?

Together with two of their products (for sale separately) I keep my hair healthy. First the serum for the hair points to avoid splits and the second product depends on the thickness of your hair. I use the smoothing milk for fine hair. This will give you a bit more volume and make your hair less fine. Those two you apply before starting the brush your hair with the Steampod.

It has been about a month now that I use it after washing (every two days) and I see how healthy my hair is now. It shines more, stays in shape and feels soft. Even some colleagues at work are using the Steampod and are very happy about the result as well! So what are you waiting for?


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