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I've been working out for about two months now and I go to the gym once or twice a week. Sometimes three if possible with work and I'm finally seeing some results as well (love handles are going away bit by bit and the first abs are coming through). #yay 

Even though I promised myself to not stop eating my donuts, cupcakes and chocolates, I do watch out on what I'm eating in the evenings. After 9 o'clock I don't eat anything anymore and I eat more often salads than I did before ('cause I loved my fastfood every week). And ofcourse it's all home made! No supermarket prepared meals. Just my own potatoes, chicken and vegetables. Yum, yum! I'm sure if my parents read this post they will be quite surprised as I never liked to eat salads when I lived at home... Sorry mom and dad! #winkeye 

This salad on the picture is my favorite: potatoes, chicken, mushrooms, salad and spinash.

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