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Even if I'm just back from Greece and I'm planning to go to Valencia on wednesday, there are still a lot of others plans on the planning for the summer months July and August. It became a tradition with my best friend to attempt to a couple of Festivals (Reggea Geel, Antilliaanse feesten & Afro Latino) during our weekends off. And when you go to a festival, you need to ultimate festival look!

Every year it has been great weather so my shorts are the number one musthave on my list. I don't like to wear clothes which are too tight or hot and if it gets colder during the night, I just wrap my shirt around my waist to have it a bit warmer. #justincase - Another important key is comfortable shoes. Most of the time people walk around in sneakers, but sandals with a nice 'rock' attitude are perfect as well. And last but not least: a statement accessory to make your look complete!

For this year I got this nice headband with feathers via Sacha. Don't ask me why, but I love these kind of headbands. It can 'pimp' up your look so easily and it looks amazing on everyone. 
Sacha also got a really great selection of Festival pieces. Defenitely take a look at their Sandals 
( - Sandalen - ) to find your ultimate pair. And who knows we're going to enjoy the festivals together with our Sacha pieces! #seeyouthere 

(Sacha headband with feathers// Bershka white shirt // H&M black hight waist shorts and bag // Zara studded sandals)

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