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It has been a year now since the first signs of the Burn Out were there and I have to say that it's still going with ups and downs. Even though changing my professional career was the best decision ever as I got more time to travel and to spend with family and friends, there's still something deep inside my heart and mind that isn't completely recovered and satisfied with the choices I've been making the last few months.

But why? Next to the fact that my body still hurts a lot, especially the back, head and muscles in my neck/shoulders, there's something else. For the close people around me it's not a secret anymore that I love interior. Especially since the start of the HOME PROJECT two years ago and this desire of being busy in the interior world is making me crazy. Crazy because I want to make my dream come true. The only problem is that I don't know were to start.

What I exactly wanna do is like the decorating teams at Ikea: creating new rooms, putting your own touch in it and having a result were people feel at home. Or just like the stylists on TV: decorating rooms for magazines, clients,... That's my dream. And even though I don't have a school diploma: being creative has always been in me. And I do believe in the 'If you got in in your mind and hands, you can do it all' - spirit.

We all have dreams that we want to come true and that we're willing to put all our energy and time in it to achieve them. And this is the dream for me. Coming out with this story might help me to get there. Maybe you know a friend in that world to give me some informations or for the first step in the right direction? Please tell me! I would appreciate everyone's help so much!

PS: I would love to do this beside my actual job and blog to start with. So maybe something part time or in weekends/free time would be perfect!

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