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September was an incredible month when it comes to travelling. As you know I've been to Bari, London and Lisbon, and I really had the time of my life. Many pictures have been taken, lots of outfit posts are waiting to be published and since I came back from Madrid yesterday night, I've only had the opportunity to share this travel guide of the amazing city, full of life, today.

Lisbon is a wonderful place that you have to visit at least once in your life. Or if you have the possibility to life their, just do it. The city breaths happiness and relaxes your soul as soon as you arrive. Every street you walk into surprises you with incredible buildings and the local people are adorable. 

In this post there will be a resume of my personal hotspots that I discovered during the city trip. Feel free to share other addresses if you know some!

*. Where did we stay?
When going away, I always check Booking. Kind of a ritual for me when planning trips, but also the best way to find deals if you ask me. With that app I discovered that hotels in Lisbon are quite expensive (it was about 700-800€ for a 3-days trip) and that you really need to have some luck to find a good price/quality related place to stay at. I've booked a room at 'Lisbon Serviced Appartments'. The appartment was about 100m from Praça do Comércio and had everything you could wish for. For 300€ you had a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, an amazing bathroom and place for 5people to sleep. A great deal isn't it?


*. What about sightseeing?
Oh lord. There's too much to see in Lisbon. Three days weren't enough for me as I like to discover everything on a relaxed tempo. Four would have been perfect.

1. Let me start with the 'Castelo de S. Jorge'. The most famous castle of Lisbon and a must see when you're in the city. It's situated on the highest point and gives you an amazing historical feeling. Also the view all over Lisbon is breathtaking. As I love to visit historical monuments and places, we've decided to enter the Castle (8€/adult) and enjoy the relaxing walk. 

2. If you're walking through the city itself, you can go to 'Baixa Chiado'. An area in the city with nice little boutiques (next to the big shopping streets) and when you go behind the Chafariz do Carmo you have a special tour with an amazing view over the city. We discovered by 'accident' as we were just walking around and looking for a place to eat at.

3. Praça do Comércio has an amazing view over the water and the other part of Portugal where you have the statue of Jesus as well. It's a nice place to relax as well.


And last but not least: 4. The foodmarket (Time-out Market,


*. Where to shop?
Where not? Is maybe the best question. The centre has many shopping streets and nice boutiques to spend money at. Nearby the hotel and a famous street as well, you have Rua Augusta. Once you've passed by the 'Arco da Rua Agusta' you find shops such as Zara, Pull and Bear, Mango,... And many more. Also delicious pastery shops and little streets to discover. 

If you want more boutiques and big brand stores you can go to 'Baixa Chiado' and walk through Rua Garrett. Just next to that you also have Rua do Carmo, the streets that leads you to the amazing sightseeing place. 


*. What if I'm hungry? 
Than you need to eat! And if there's something that I can tell about Lisbon: places enough to eat at! So let's start with breakfast.

Our first breakfast we had at Paul Bakery. Just because I love their bread, coffee and pasteries a lot. The second day we've been to a local bakery and had a perfect breakfast (Granier - Pans Artesans, Rua Assunçao 87-89).


For lunch we've been at local place at well in Bairo Alto. 'Q Adamastor' is located on the corner of two streets (R. Mal. Saldanha and R. do Almada). It's very small but really delicious! 

In the evening we had dinner at the famous Pharmacia (R. Mal. Saldanha). It has a special card so check it out before going. My mom and I really loved the food, but my dad couldn't find anything he liked. So that's why I say to check out before you go (as we didn't do that). The second evening we've been to 'Coffee Grill' - Rua de Conceiçao 138. And if you ask me it was the best chicken I've even had. Defenitely go there if you have the possibility!


And last but not least I have three hotspots to share when it comes to having a drink or a nice dessert. First the drink: Park Lisboa. It's a rooftop cocktail bar at the highest level of a Parking in Barrio Alto. Address;


To end the list of hotspots; you can't miss a nice dessert or Icecream! At Amorino they make some delicious flower icecreams. And yes I've been there more than once, #busted. Address: Rua Augusta 209. Or if you love to create your own magnum, you can go to the Magnum pleasure store: Rua Trindade 13.


Are you convinced to go to Lisbon? I really can't wait to go back next year and discover more hotspots. 

PS: Don't take your heels with you or uncomfy shoes as the streets are quite steep. There's are also a lot of steps, so take your most comfortable shoes, such a sneakers, with you.

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  1. Ziet er uit als een fantastische vakantie! Hemels! Ik kan al niet wachten om mijn volgende vakantie te plannen naar het zuiden :-)
    X, Eline


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