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It's the end of June, students got their results, school is out and the holidays are officially starting. People are looking for a nice bikini to wear on vacation and there's nothing more important than preparing your body to be beach and pool proof. Not only a skin protection can't be missed, but also giving our legs a smooth and soft look is important. To have those results I've tested out the 'Braun Silk Epil 9 - Dry & Wet' with a 40% wider 'head' which makes depilating more precise. 

The epilator comes with 6 extra accessories to give you the best shaving experience. And for those who find the epilator a little too painful (because an epilator doesn't raze, but pulls out the little hairs up to 0,5mm), they've added another 'head' that you can click on to have a razor. There's also a little round light that helps you to not miss a little hair. So helpful! I usually did miss a stroke or an area on my legs and it was quite embarrassing. But that's history now!

I tried both possibilities: razor and epilator. And I'm more fan of the razor. Although, the epilator will give you a smooth and soft skin for more than 4weeks because it pulls out the little hairs instead of 'razing' them shorter. But maybe I just need to get used to the feeling of it. 

A tip for making it less painful: epilate in warm/hot water (yes the 'Silk Epil 9' is water proof!). Like when you're taking a bath or a shower. Endorfine is a natural painkiller produced by your body when it comes in contact with hot environments like a warm bath. This will help your depilating experience a lot more. And I will try that too, let's see if it helps me...

This post has been made in collaboration with Braun.

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