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Within less than a week students will go back to school, some parents will have some rest again during the day as holidays are over and some, just like I will, are starting work as before. Yes you're reading it well: on the first of September I will start working again. I should've shared more during the last months, but as you know it has been quite busy and heavy with my health that I'm a little behind when it comes to sharing personal stories. Don't worry: you won't miss a thing! Before the end of the month everything will be online.

I remember going shopping with my mom a couple of weeks before going back to school. A new outfit, backpack and school stuff were on the list. And since I graduated it always makes me laugh when I see families shopping for their 'lists' at work. 'Honey, do you have a pair of jeans that fits?', 'You still need some sneakers!'. Love it! Huge throwback time to my school years. Right now it feels a little like that as well as I will start another new chapter. 

On my list? A classic watch. Can't live without one and this white Petite Bondi from Daniel Wellington is just too pretty to not have it. As they have a 'Fresh Start'-campaign on their webshop 'till the 4th of September, it is the perfect timing to get yourself a new watch. When you buy one, you get a watch bracelet for free (see here). Make sure to use the discount code 'VANDYCK15' to get 15% off your purchase. Ready for school or work? I am!

(Bomber jacket from Mango // WE Fashion striped top // Zara ripped jeans // Louis Vuitton bag)

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