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Hello September and goodbye August. Even though the weather was pretty sh*tty last month, the food from Deliveroo was making it all worth to stay inside. Four new restaurants were discovered and they all delivered delicious dinners. I'm even starting to get addicted to Deliveroo (sorry, I'm not cooking that well) when it comes to food. But now I started working again, so during lunch break I will have some yummy-yum meals as well. Life can't be any better, right? Or wait, I need pancakes to be delivered as soon as possible!

So I'm starting this third Deliveroo guide with the picture on top of the blog:
1. Dinner at Vé Manger: This restaurant is new on the Deliveroo list since August. A good reason to try their marinated ribs with garlic, and honestly, they were the best ones I ever had. I had some ribs before but the meat was never so soft and well done. Quite often there are more bones or fat than something else. Even the portion was quite huge for me alone (4pieces). Definitely worth the price of €23,-.

An 8.5/10 for Vé Manger! 

2. Lunch with GourmetBar: Sometimes I just want something else than a cheese sandwich or salad during lunch. And when you see this delicious hamburger popping up, it's difficult to resist. GourmetBar is new as well to the restaurant list and has already surprised me with their 'Beef burger - Wit blauw' for 22€. Can't wait to try another dish from their menu. Keep you posted! Today I give good 7.5/10 for their Burger.

3. Dinner at Basic Italian: I know this pasta bar from when I was working at Zara. In the centre of Mechelen you can eat and create your own pasta meals for lunch and dinner. They prepare it in only a couple of minutes so in no time you have a lovely pasta mix:

Choose your own pasta, sauce, meat/fish and vegetables. A medium cup (a big plate) with chicken, mozzarella and pesto was €10,50. It was delicious! Cold when it arrived, but a quick warm up in the microwave wasn't the worst thing ever, haha. So yes, 8/10!

4. Dinner at Dream Sushi & Wok: A good Chinese or Thai dinner on a Sunday can be heaven. I love fried rice, Nasi Goreng with Chicken and Loempia's the most on their menu so I usually take the same every time I order there. Now that I live in Mechelen I needed a new restaurant and I'm glad I tried this one. The portions were for two days, warm, fresh and more than yum! A 9/10 for this dinner. Thank you Deliveroo!

This post has been made in collaboration with Deliveroo.

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