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Hello loves! June has arrived and it made me realize, again, how fast the time is passing by. The first six months of 2018 were quite heavy as you could read in my previous posts but I can finally say that the stressful months are over. Yes, they are "Over and out!!!" 

I won the case against my last employer which means that I could finally start my own business with a delay of several months and last but not least, I could also start as a fulltime blogger. Oh yes! Some of you might have noticed on Instagram that my activity has been increased, but there was of course also another huge change on Social Media: my colorful feed. Maybe it doesn't sound as special for you as it does for me, but believe me: it does!

Last year in May I got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I have to admit that it has been a rollercoaster-kinda-year. It didn't go as planned and the first months were difficult as I had to change my life completely. Due to my disease I did loose a lot of friends, as I couldn't go out as often as I would like too, and on top of that I stopped at Zara after seven years because of my health. Enough bad luck? Hell no, as I didn't make the right decision with the other job. But hey! We learn every day in life isn't it? 

"Sometimes it takes an overwhelming breakdown to have an undeniable breakthrough." 

Once 2017 was over I decided to turn my 'anger' against certain things into motivation to do it all better. And as I do believe in "what's meant to be will be" or "everything happens for a reason", I said to myself that it could be a sign from heaven that I had to start following my heart and desires. Like I've been blogger for 9 years, I've worked my a** off for other companies and people without seeing personal results from it, only to make them better instead of myself? STOP STOP STOP! It was time for me, myself and I. So I did start my own Social Media company called STROOW and became a full-time blogger. The freedom of being my own boss and pursuing my dreams never made me as happy as I am today. Is it difficult? Hell yea, all independent entrepreneurs know how difficult it can be to get enough (freelance) jobs and work. But seeing the results from your own energy and work is priceless. Next to that it's perfect with my fibromyalgia as I don't have to justify my absence or health issues anymore to anyone which has took and asked too much energy before.

Being finally the strong and independent woman I've always wanted to be it was time to dress like one as well. I put all the dark colored and work related clothes for sale and I started to add more colors into my wardrobe. It's not only showing that I'm more happy with myself and where I stand today, but it's also bringing back the girl I've been years ago before this all started. See it a little bit as a reborn of myself.

With this new start, whether it has a six month delay or not, I'm ready to completely focus on blogging again and I hope you're as excited as I am to read new adventures and to follow me on all my trips. And uhh darling: you are strong as well! We all are and it's okay to feel bad or sad for a while. Better things are coming, I promise you!

(H&M Denim jacket // Only Fashion shirt // Zara skirt // Adidas sneakers via Sarenza)

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  1. Goed bezig girl! Ik vind het echt zot dat je ondanks dat je veel last hebt van je fibromyalgie zo'n doorzettingsvermogen hebt 💪🏼

  2. Ik ben zo blij om te horen dat er weer kleur in je leven is!
    Ik heb vorig jaar ook wat tegenslagen gehad, maar ben er weer bovenop gekomen. Het leven als fulltime blogger is zeker niet gemakkelijk, maar het feit dat je iets voor jezelf aan het doen bent is priceless!

  3. Ik ben heel erg blij om te horen dat er weer kleur in jouw leven is!
    Ik kan wel geloven soms dat je er eventjes doorzit maar dan heb je weer nieuwe inspiratie dat in je hoofd komt en dan kan je er weer volop tegenaan! <3

  4. Wat knap dat je zoveel doet en blijft doorzetten! You rock girl! Een inspiratie voor velen!

  5. Here is to strong independent women! You go girl!


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