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Did you know that the "Work Meat Free Week" started today?  From the 11th of June till Sunday the 17th, I'm focusing a little more on the health of our Planet. Now you're probably wondering why I'm participating as I usually don't post about food... And the reason is actually quite simple, yet an important personal choice as I've always been a huge meat-lover. I weekly ate a lot of it but the last few months I'm realizing that it isn't good for our planet at all, the food system and neither for myself. I talked with some vegetarian/vegan bloggers, also friends who changed their diet and I did a lot of research to find alternatives in order to change my own eating routines. So instead of eating it almost every day, I'm currently at once a week. Isn't that a great start? Let's say that I do believe in the slogan "Less is better!" since I've changed it!

With this post I'm not trying to make you stop eating meat, but I'm just encouraging all of you to try alternatives just as I did. This can be done by trying different vegetables, grains, pulses or ever plant-based foods. By changing a little bit, day by day, we can all get a healthier and a more balanced diet, but more of all: a better planet. 

To start the "Work Meat Free Week" the right way, I created a vegetarian spaghetti. Like hello, who doesn't love Spaghetti? Instead of meat I used extra vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots and onions. And you know what? It tasted even better! Now that I've taken the first steps to a healthier life, I've also decided to go back to the gym. I won't have my Summer body ready though, but that's not the purpose of all of this. I finally accepted my body the way it is but I won't to keep it healthy of course!

I would love to encourage you all a little more, so I'm also organizing a fun contest! Share your own favorite vegetable meal between today, the 11th of June and tomorrow, the 12th of June with the hashtag #WORLDMEATFREEWEEKCINDY, preferable on Instagram. That same night I will choose 5winners who will be invited to have an amazing evening at my place. We are lucky to enjoy a vegetarian 3-course dinner with appetizers made by a chef! Doesn't that sound amazing? Spread the veggie recipes and let's join each other on Sunday the 17th. See you then loves!

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