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There's nothing more fun than sharing exciting news on my blog, especially when it comes to sales announcements, great discounts and shopping opportunities. Because let's be honest: every woman loves it and probably some men as well (there are always exceptions, I'm sure about that). After sharing inspirational gifts for Mother's Day and the Festival must haves from Amazon, it's time to go bigger and better! Say what...? Yes, more discounts, even more items to share with you and the best part of all: the possibility to have free shipping and a next day delivery.

Let me tell you more: of course we all do know Amazon, which is one of the biggest online shops worldwide, but do you know Amazon Prime? It's an exclusive membership which you can apply for at Amazon itself. Next to extra discounts, free deliveries the next day and loads (read: millions) of items which you can shop, you can also have access to the "Prime Days" and now it's time to come to the point of this blogpost as it will be the first time Amazon will launch it's Prime Days in Belgium and The Netherlands. Isn't that amazing? The start will be on the 16th of July and you will be able to shop more than thousands items with extra exclusive discounts for 36hours. So if you had something on your wishlist or on your mind for months, it's now the perfect moment to get it! 

As you can never run out of Summer must haves, I made a list of some Summer items which you can definitely get with extra discounts during the Amazon Prime Days. And no worries that you will miss it out; I will remind you on my Social Media channels when it's starting. Also, you can try out the 30days trial so you will be sure to not miss any important discount. Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? Go to Amazon now and sign up before it's too late (I know you can't resist!). #weloveshopping

1. Black bikini with crochet details // 2. Deluxe Flamingo float // 3. Double pack of sunglasses // 4. Round beach towel with special print

5. XL printed beach/pool bag // 6. Earplugs in different colors // 7. Book: Ibiza Bohemia // 8. Portable bluetooth speaker which can be personalized 

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