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The new blog concept is online. The AFTER WORK blog has offcially been launched.
Being a Fashion and beauty blogger for more than 5years gave me the inspiration to start a new project that fits my current intrests and future plans. I'm not that 16year old girl anymore that started a blog to share her looks with her friends, just for fun. 

It grew so much and so fast that now, 5years later, I needed to change. Changing the way of sharing my thoughts and intrest with the world and also the change in my personal life since I have a fulltime job as Area Merchandiser for Zara Belgium and with my new House which became a huge Home Project (soon more about that!). 

Both made it very difficult to be a fulltime blogger and that's the reason why I made this blog. I want to make this blog much more personal as the previous one. Sharing more of what I do beside this blog, how it goes with the Home project and with a mix of beauty and fashion. Even travelling will be an important subject. Cause I promised myself to discover the world from now on. Little trips to Paris, London or Berlin are on the planning for sure!

Wondering what I do after work? Stay tuned... Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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