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After posting several pictures and messages on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, it is time to give you some explanation about the project. This because I can imagine some of you with question marks above the head while seeing these pictures of reading the messages. Let's remove that question mark and make it all clear to you!

Let's start by the beginning, at my sweet 18th birthday. As an 18-year old girl I've always been dreaming of decoration my own rooms and house (especially the dressing) and to make it as comfortable and cosy as I want. A place where I can be myself and where I can find rest after some long days at work (that time at school) and where I feel home. It should be a place that shows love. My love for life and interior. And just to make things clear: I love it here at my parents house. But I just love the independence life... I am an only child and used to do things all by myself and I just really love to create things all by myself. So yes, I really wanted that place. Just as my mom when she was that age, she had the same feeling and totally understand my feelings. Maybe it's a genetic thing? Haha, who knows. But that's how the research of my house started...

At the beginning I was looking for a Loft (oh yes, my dreams where big!), then I wanted a sweet and small appartment or a Duplex, but after a long discussion with my parents (and comparing the prices here in the State I live) it was better and cheaper to go for a house. Not a castle, but a house with 2bedrooms is enough. Unfortunately after 3years there was no progress untill the 16th of september in 2013, last year and my 21th birthday. I woke up and found a big letter on the breakfast table. When it's your birthday you always have those funny cards, but this letter was something different. Full of tension I opened the letter and there it was written, in big letters: IT'S YOURS. Wham! Boom. All of a sudden it was reality. It was that house which I visited earlier that months and where I completely fell in love with the wooden stairs and porch. It's a house from the 50's. So the style is complety me! And I could imagine my own interior in it since the beginning. And that's when you know that it is the perfect place for you. This will be my most beautiful birthday present ever! Or maybe a engagement one day? You never know...

After waiting for a couple of months (signing papers, waiting for the keys,..) we started the renovations in 2014. Because the house was build in the 50's, it has had his best time and we decided to start from the bottom. And yes we. All the work is done by ourselves. So from the bottom means a new roof, windows and front door. We thought it would be a long road but actually it's going very fast. It has been 50days now that we're working in it (only weekends and some days off) and we already placed the new roof, windows and door. Also the second and first floor are ready. Well ready... The big work is done. The rooms are ready for their painting color, floor and to place the furniture in. It's all so exciting and still unreal...

But eventually, as you all know, I've always been more into fashion than Interior. Yet I still wanted to become an Interior Designer after failing my Doctor studies, but I really don't know a lot about that subject. I started to look at the most tv shows as possible where they renovate and re-decorate rooms. I probably read the most interior magazines ever in my life and right know I wish I became an Interior Designer... After some decent research for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest and in the magazines, I finally know how I want my rooms to look like. I made some moodboards to share my thoughts with others (will be online soon). It's a mix of vintage with a modern and minimalistic (scandinavian) touch. It's just L.O.V.E.!

And that's how the Home Project started. By sharing my ideas and inspiration and sharing the search of nice design items for my home, I got some nice mails over the whole wide world with brands and shops who wanted to help. It grew from a personal dream into a real and big project. We're all together as a team, working on the interior of this house. We do everything to make it comfortable and cosy with the help of their own designs and items like furniture, accessories, paint and floors. And for real: I never thought this would became such a big project (read: currently working with 26brands/shops over the whole wide world to realise this dream). But I'm so happy and thankful that I can share this experience with all you and that we all share the love of design. So by this again a big, big, thank you to all of you who joins the project!

Are you ready to start this project? Next week (vacation-time!) will be a week full of shooting in the house and I can't wait to share the new pictures with you (and you can win some!)

Thanks again to all of you for making my dream come true. Feel free to shoot questions if you have some and don't hesitate to contact me in case you want to join the project too. It's so amazing!

Lots of Interior and Design love, Cindy.

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  1. Ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's :)

  2. Je schrijft zo leuk! Lees 't zo aan een stuk door! <3xo

  3. Proficiat met de aankoop van jouw huis!! :-) Ik ga je Home Project zeker volgen!


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