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Social Media is growing every day more and more. And if you ask me what I use the most, I will defenitely answer "Instagram!". It's an easy way to share your daily shots, what you're doing, what you love as inspiration, and for a lot of us it's also an easy way to show our daily looks/outfits. 

Since I've started this new blogproject I've been shooting less outfit pictures as before. Just because I focus more on my job, the home project and what I really want to write about. Not that I don't want to share my looks, but finding the right place to shoot and arriving at time (I work late and it's quite often already dark or wrong lightning) isn't always easy when you work during the whole week. And my weekends are my days off, so it's time for family and friends. Or just for a day in bed watching movies. Oops!

So Instagram users (and fashion lovers) invented this great hashtag '#fromwhereistand'. It's a way of showing you immediately what we're wearing during the day and where we are at the same time. Now reality is different, we also sit down and take a rest or break from work. So for me '#fromwhereisit' is quie relevant too. 
Thank you for making life easier IG!

I will share my 'Stand up or sit down'-posts on the blog every month. 
But if you want to see them regularly, follow me on Instagram!

(Find all the info about these shots on my Instagram account)

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  1. Geweldige outfits! Of het nou IG foto's zijn of foto's speciaal voor je blog, maakt mij niks uit. En je camelkleurige jas <3 Ik hoop ook nog een mooie te vinden.

  2. Ik vind je #fwis posts altijd heel inspirerend en het is goed om je hart te volgen wat betreft je blog en je Instagram account. Uiteindelijk is het jou creatieve uitlaatklep ;) xx


  3. Mooie outfits! Ik zie veel leer en je nieuwe Proenza Shouler aanwinst!

    x Karen

  4. wat een heerlijke nikes!



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