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Alexander Wang for H&M wishlist...
Since I started to know the fashion world, the popular designers and what my actual kind of style was, I immediately get addicted to the designer Alexander Wang. A year of two later I've added a handbag and 2pair of shoes to my collection and since H&M teamed up with one of the (for me) best designers ever, I'm sure to add more to my closet.

Usually, by seeing the H&M collaborations, I always want loads of the items that will be sold, but now I know what I will actually wear and which will make my collection richer. So I decided to go for two items I loved immediately. The sport top with Neon finishing and the peep-toe ankle boots. Especially the boots. Even if I need to wait hours before shopping in line, I will get my hands on them. 

And even though I didn't post an article with their campaign pictures and all the items, I'm sure you all already discovered the looks, items and prices (yes they're available!). So let me know what's on your wishlist!

Now I just need to wait for the pre-sale shopping night (yes I will be there!) and to know where the items will be sold in Brussels as a plan be if I can't get my hands on them during the shopping night. 
Everything for the shoes, yes EVERYTHING!

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  1. De collectie is iets te sportief voor mij, maar die top is erg mooi!

  2. Ik ben ook gek op die schoenen!!! Maar ben helaas niet op de pre-sale dus vrees ervoor :-(

  3. Ik ben ook zo'n fan van die schoenen! Ik moet helaas werken dus ik denk dat ik ze niet zal kunnen scoren :(

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