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Investing in timeless pieces...
When I started my Fashion blog in 2009, I spended all my money in every single item I loved. Not thinking about the future or if it really completed my style. And as mentioned before, it took me a long time to figure out what my style was and in which kind of clothes/colors I felt the most comfortable in.

A part of the search was looking for basics I would wear every single season over and over again, without getting bored of it. And it started with my long camel coat. Bought it almost 3years ago during sales. It's the best investment ever! And the coat is one of my more 'colorful' items in the closet too. My color pallette consists a lot of black, white and grey. Touches of Camel, khaki and marine blue are making it less minimalistic. Although they're timeless, basic colors too. 

So now that I finally found my suiting style and personality, I also invest in more expensive items rather than spending it all on cheap pieces that need to be replaced after a couple of weeks/months after wearing it, depending on the quality. Especially shoes and handbags. Those two babies that you carry and need every single day to make your outfit just that little bit more special... First I got myself the Louis Vuitton Damier, next handbag was a Furla, and many more designers were following the collection of black handbags. 
Two months ago, on my birthday, I craved for the Burgundy Antigona from Givenchy and some Louboutins
Both wishlist items and still used every week since I've bought them. Unfortunately, when you got something on your mind and you really want it, you go for it 'till it's yours... So that's what happend with my new black cravings.

Here it is, my new investment: the Givenchy Antigona in black. Gosh, I love you!


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  1. Hij is echt zo mooi. Gefeliciteerd hoor. Al ben ik ook nog steeds weg van je bordeaux rode versie ;) xx


  2. Ik wil zo graag de antigona maar sparen voor iets valt me echt zwaar! ;-)

    x Karen

  3. Aaah die tas! Hij is zó mooi! Ik heb nog nooit echt een designer item gehad waarbij ik dacht 'Ja, dit is hem' maar bij deze....ik vind hem echt prachtig. Alleen ben ik echt heel slecht in sparen, zeker omdat ik ook spaar voor mijn reis na m'n examen. En hij kost iets van €1800, daar moet ik echt 5 jaar voor sparen ofzo om dat voor elkaar te krijgen haha. Maar oh boy, wat is ie mooi.

    1. Heb hem gekocht aan €1590. In de winkel stond hij ook aan €1950 eerst, maar de echte prijs is €1590. Dus mij hebben ze lekker niet afgetroggeld haha!


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