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One of the first posts on this new blog was the one about my 'HOME PROJECT', explaining the collaborations with brands and shops to build up the house I bought last year. After the announcement I received a lot of mails from interested shops who wanted to help to realise the dream I had in mind. The project would've never been so beautiful and challenging without them. And I admit, it has been quite a long time since I've posted something about my Home Project and about interior, but the cold and rainy weather in Belgium gave it some delay... Now we're back! The biggest part is almost over (breaking the floor out for the pipes is almost done) and even the heating is already installed. We're moving forward to the end so it's time to reveal a new amazing, unbelievable, project.

The After Work blog and Ikea. Yes, you heard it well! I got in contact with IKEA about the project. It sounds almost unrealistic to tell you this, but we discussed together about the dressing room of my dreams and they were willing to help to realise it. Oh God! It still gives me goosebumps. And as I said, we're coming close to the part where we're going to start the finishing touches (such as choosing the floor, painting walls and placing the furniture) so I already started to put my dressing-musthaves from IKEA together. And in this post you will find the first wishlist.

A huge open wardrobe system. Why open? 'Cause I like to see my money hanging in my closet. I want to aible to display my dearest shoes and clothes. And it also gives you a little store-feeling. Like you're shopping in your favorite store! Next to that, I want it all to be minimalistic. Black, white and a touch of mint. OOPS! I finally revealed the color of one of the rooms... Everything will be white, included the floor, so I want a black carpet to break it. And the touch of mint to give it a personal touch.

Now I can't wait to start the shopping! I'm sure I will need a huge storage space in my car when I go to IKEA. 'Cause you always go home with more than planned!

Keep on following the blog and Instagram for more news about this project! #ikeaxafterworkblog
And if you can't wait to see more about the dressing room, check out their storage systems to make your own dressing of your dreams!

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