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My last Christmas at home...
As we're coming closer to the new year, we're also coming closer to the finishing touches of my house. Last weekends we spended a lot of time on painting the walls and finishing most of the rooms whom are now ready for the wooden floor. It's all going so fast now that I can't believe it will be my last Christmas at my parent's house. Next year I will set up my own Christmas tree with my own chosen decorations and christmas feelings. And even though I'm not living in my house yet, I already bought some decoration items which represent Christmas but which are yet timeless enough to keep using in my interior. And what's in the box? An extra present for Christmas!

The room you see on the pictures will be my (blog) work space. Yes, you got an exclusive preview in this post! 
We made the fireplace all by ourselves (yes we're still all doing it on our own) with wooden pieces. In real life it looks just so beautiful and I will show you the 'BEFORE AND AFTER' of this room as soon as possible. 

I can't wait to start placing the furniture! My head is exploding with ideas and wishes.

(Black diamond from Villa Maddelief  // Wallpaper with IG pictures from Instawall)

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  1. Wat spannend! Veel plezier met alle laatste klusjes! En mag ik vragen waar je je Instagram foto's hebt laten afrukken en die lijst hebt gevonden? Vind het zo;n leuk idee! xx


    1. Hey Eva, onderaan de post zet ik altijd de bronnen! Instawall is het xx

  2. Het lijkt met echt spannend om je eigen huis te decoreren! Wat een mooie items heb je gekocht!

    x Karen


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