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Ho ho ho...
I placed my last minute Christmas Wishlist on this blog yesterday and today we're all getting ready for a nice family dinner or with friends. Christmas is a lovely time of the year where we all share happiness, love and laughter with our beloved ones. And ofcourse we're all unwrapping those presents underneath the Christmas tree.

And to be honest: I bought some myself, asked for a beautiful wrapping paper and can't wait to unwrap them again like a little kid! Ofcourse some are a surprise (from my parents and family) but I'm already excited about mine... 

Now it's time to get ready for dinner. Here no special sequin or 'bling-bling' looks, but comfortable sweaters, jeans and sneakers. Cosy and warm! 

I wish you all a lovely Christmas with all of your friends and family! Also a great night full of fun and great memories. Merry Christmas!


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