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Keep everything organised...
Oh dear Make Up! I've never thought to have a collection as big as it is now. Especially from lipsticks as you might know from previous posts. Make up became something I spend more and more attention to and which wins a lot of my interest since the new blog project. 

Therefor I decided to treat my collection with a storage box. And ofcourse the MAC trolley was on my wishlist, but the budget didn't allow me to get it. I got this black/silver version from the store 'DI'. They always have great beauty boxes and launched this big professional version during the holidays. It has different levels and you can play with the spaces and addapt it to your own wishes. Easy and clean, isn't it?

Now I can expend my Make up and lipstick collection a little bit more without having to think how I will storage it at home and without doubting about the colors I already have (problems of a lipstick-aholic). And also for when I will move out in September: it will already be clean and ready to travel to my new home! Extra YAYS.


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