105. THE 70'S VIBES

3:26:00 AM


Flared pants and embroidered shirts...
The 70's style is taking over all kind of fashion stores, included their lookbooks and campaign pictures. We see flared trousers everywhere, in all kind of colors (denim, daim, black, white,...) and we can't ignore it any longer: they are the new skinny jeans! 

At the beginning I got goosebumps by the idea of wearing these kind of trousers. I loved my black skinny jeans too much to replace it by another pair. But as Area Merchandiser you work with the styles, try different kind of looks to show your customers and I learned to appreciate this kind of model. And at the same time, sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone.

In the meantime I've added a white version and denim one to my wishlist! Time for some shopping...

(Total look from Zara)

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  1. The flare Jeans look great on you!
    I'm still hesitant if I should try that style or not

    x Claude//www.imaginetheswallows.com


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