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My favorite perfume...
A perfume. It tells more about you than your style or handwriting. Without a spray of my favorite flavor I feel naked. Not dressed up 'till the finishing touch. And it can be a long road to finding the perfume who discribes exactly who you are.

About a year ago I discovered the 'Cartier La Panthere' perfume. After using several other fragrances, such as J'adore Dior, Givenchy Organza,... (Which I still use to alternate between them) I finally found one that discribes my personality for 100%. Not only the name 'Panthere' makes the connection, but also the strong and remarkable flavor. 

The small bottle travels with me everyday in my handbag and the big one is standing in the bathroom. It's like a indispensable element of my interior. And as Coco Chanel quoted: “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future.

What is your favorite perfume? Or do you also have several fragrances?


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  1. A pleasing smell is a nasal feast! It can change a person's mood and even that of a bystander. It is important to choose the right fragrance to hit the right impression.


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