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In my very first post about the project between Ikea and my  blog, I told you about my dream closet, how I would love it to look like and the fact that the renovations are coming to an end. During the few months between the first Ikea post and now, we already finished placing the floor in the bedroom and we started the final layer of paint in the dressingroom. So the next step? Buying the first items I need to build up the closet of my dreams.

And as you might know, going to Ikea needs some preparations before arriving. You always spend more time in their store as planned. Why? 'Cause you simply can't get enough of all their ideas, inspiration rooms and to finish with the marketplace: you just don't want to miss anything.

Before arriving I already decided which closet system I wanted to have. An open and clear storage for all my clothes and shoes: 'ALGOT'! It gives you the opportunity to build up your closet how you want it. You buy the base rails and start 'clicking' all the shelves, hangers, baskets,... anything you need and wish for is possible. Perfect, right? Once we arrived at Ikea I went immediately to the storage deparment, as I was so excited to finally choose everything, and I started counting, drawing and little by little my ideas came true. The first wall was build and I took the items home with me. 

I'm still doubting about how to organise the other two walls in the dressing room, so I'm planning to go back to Ikea soon to figure that out. I just don't want to make quick decisions and regret it later... Decoration a house takes time. Even though I wish I could have all my rooms finished in a flash.

Once the floor in the dressingroom is placed and that we start building up the first wall, or maybe all of the walls, I will make a post about how we build it up. The steps and the results. Because believe me, this system is not only super easy to create and to make it personal, it's also very budget-friendly. You can adapt it to your own budget. Oh yes, I love it! Thank you Ikea for making life so wonderful and to give us the opportunity to have our little personal store at home!

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  1. We used the same system for the closet of our baby boy. The room is quite big so why not install a mini dressing ;-)! I did find the baskets a hazard. They don't pull out easily.. Did you experience that as well?


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