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A new toy to shoot with...
Since last month I started to look for a smaller camera. I'm currently shooting my pictures with a Canon 5D Mark 2, a quite heavy and big camera. Perfect to shoot looks, events and products with, but simply impossible to carry with you when you're away a whole day. Due to that small problem I always left my camera at home, took it out of the box during the weekends to shoots my looks with, but this kept me away from shooting my daily looks and hotspots I went to for work lunches or citytrips. My iPhone was my saving hero at that moment, but it wouldn't work on a long term...

Finding a good camera that suits to all your wishes isn't easy. A small format, not too heavy, video function,... We all want the top of the top. And that's when Olympus Pen came into my life.

Why Olympus Pen? Reading the reviews of co-bloggers helped me a lot during this search. I looked at pictures taken by them (even though we all know photoshop can help a little bit in retouching pictures) and their comments about it. I read about all the functions (from manual settings to art functions and the possibility to make video's) and all kind of light settings the Olympus Pen offers you. Another important fact is the WIFI function that gives you the possibility to upload your shooted pictures immediately to your iPhone and Instagram. Ka-tching! We got a winner.

I'm sure some of you are now quite curious about this camera. Probably as much as I was while reading about it. But pinky promise, more about the Olympus Pen is coming soon!


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