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Let's decorate the house...
Yay, we finally started decorating the rooms. First we finished all the floors on the second and first floor and now it's time to fill them up with my favorite furniture and decorating stuff.

On the second floor you find my bedroom. At the beginning it totally didn't exist. It was a simple room underneath the roof in wood, the stairs in the middle starting from the hallway and no lights at all. Even the 'Velux' wasn't part of it and neither the shelves we builded in on the sides to create more space, so we decided to do it all over again: a new roof, new walls, placing new stairs (starting from the dressing room now) and closing the hole in the center to create an open and useful space: the bedroom. Which also gave me the possibility to have a huge dressing room! Dubble yay.  

What's the first thing you place in your bedroom? A bed ofcourse! From Ikea and with shelves underneath. 
The 'Fjell' model is perfect when you don't have a lot of closets or space to stock your items in. The 4shelves underneath the bed gives you the possibility to storage cushions, blankets, clothes, books and all of the other -unnecessary- stuff we own. 'Cause we all have loads of them. 

It's a little preview but I'm very excited that I can finally start to show you the progress we're making in my house and to show you my interior style. So keep an eye on the blog for more!


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