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It's time for presents...
Under my tree you can find the first gifts. A couple of them are for myself (sorry!), the other ones are for my best friend and my parents. And when it's december you're always facing the same struggle during the Holidays: "What am I going to put under the tree?". Some perfume, beauty products, gift vouchers,... Too many options! 
The only gifts you will be sure about is the gift you're offering yourself. 'Cause who's the one that is going to give you everyting? Yourself. #qotd

In this post I give you a gift idea that can't be wrong: the Fujifilm instax mini 70. The perfect camera to shoot memories with and to share with your friends. You can keep the polaroids for a nice collage (like I do with every city I'm going to), or take a couple of pictures and share them, because this new Mini 70 has a selfie option. 
Say what? Selfie time! I already have the Instax Mini 8 camera and I still can't live without it. Every citytrip I take it with me and I'm sure I'm going to shoot some amazing moments - and selfies - with this newbie.

(In collaboration with Fujifilm)

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