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The agenda for the Belgian Festivals went online last week and now we're focusing on festival proof outfits. Depending on the weather we can go for dresses, trousers (jeans or loose fit styles), dresses and shorts. Most of the time I'm choosing a long jeans to protect myself for the cold nights as the temperatures might drop like crazy during a summer night and layering is the best option. Also the pair of shoes is a question of adapting to the weather. Boots or sandals? As long as you can wear them a whole day it's good, 'cause no way you can survive on high heels and dance all night in non comfortable shoes.

For the first festival look I'm showing you a style with more accents created with Sacha shoes and accessories. As it doesn't have to be too much over the top you can go for items with nice eye catching detail or fabric. For example this high waisted jeans with fringes on the sides and the linen tee which is perfect for hot summer days as well. It's easy to give your waist a nice accent by using a belt like this one from Sacha (click here to shop) and some matching arm candy. Finish the look with a good pair of shoes and you're ready to rock. These sandals with a platform are a perfect example of festival proof sandals. Because of the higher platform sole you are more protected from dirt, cold grass and it makes your look more elegant. Most of the time I've been walking around on sneakers or boots as I didn't find a comfortable pair of sandals 'sandalen' but I guess the mission has been accomplished. You want them too? Shop them here.

 And what are festival proof shoes for you? Tell me!

(MbyM khaki tee // Fringed jeans by Zara // Rosefield watch // Sacha belt and sandals)

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  1. The shoes are so nice !!

    Lot's of Love xx Leen
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