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Yes, yes, yes! Deliveroo has finally arrived in Mechelen and that means I can order as much food as I like. The delivery service was already available in Antwerp, Brussels, Liege, Gent and Leuven, but only recently started here as well. Good news for all of us as we now have a lot of good restaurants that now deliver food at home, your work or where ever you are. Pretty amazing right?

Deliveroo (name: deliver your food with as much love and care as a kangaroo does for her baby) started in London as the founder noticed that too many good restaurants couldn't deliver their food and he wanted to change that. And hell yes, he succeeded!

I've always been a huge fan of Deliveroo so I'm trilled to share with you my experiences with the restaurants in Mechelen. From Breakfast to lunch or dinner: it's all possible! Every month you'll receive a list with the places I've tested. And if you have some recommendations: shoot!

So for June I have 3 restaurants to rate and talk about. All of them have a delivery time of approximately 30minutes and each of them arrived as expected. Nothing was missing, nothing went wrong. But notice that if you order for less than 15€ you need to pay an extra fee of 2€, next to the normal delivery costs of 2€50!

1. Lunch at Camogli: I've ordered an Italian salad with mozzarella and parma for 8€ and added a home made Tiramisu for 4€50. You can also choice pasta's, carpaccio's and lots of other salads. In this case I had to pay the extra fee as it was less than 15€.

The salad itself was good but no 'wow' experience. Unfortunately there was only one slice of ham (and I love parma soooo much!) so I was a little disappointed but over all the salad was fresh and enough for lunch. The tiramisu was almost as good as the one my mom makes, so an 8/10 for the dessert and a 6.5/10 for the salad.

2. Dinner at Ellis Gourmet Burger: a burger is always a good idea and those who know me well or follow me frequently on Instagram now that Ellis is one of my favorite places to go to for a good burger. Thank God they accepted to work with Deliveroo as I can now eat my favorite burger at home while watching a movie. #happykiddo

On the menu: a cheese&bacon and blue cheese burger, French fries and coleslaw. All for a total of 38€, the same price as when you go to one of their restaurants. The burger meat was juicy and delicious, we even received some sauces with our fries and overall it was as good as usual. The finishing touches were the amazing packaging boxes. Other orders from Deliveroo came in plastic bags or a normal paper bag, but Ellis took care of their delivery. Extra point for that! I give it a total of 8.5/10.

3. Lunch at Carlton: this restaurant offers you a large assortment of dishes such as oysters, cheese and shrimp croquettes, salads with goat cheese or ananas/chicken and even plates such as filet mignon, tartare steak, lobster etc. So many choice and I was so happy with my order that I can't wait to try something new from this restaurant.

What did I have for lunch? I tried the goat cheese salad with bacon, small pieces of apple and pear syrup. The price was 17€90 and Lord! It was delicious. I took this kind of salad for the first time in my life but I would've never discovered it if it wasn't with Deliveroo. A 9/10 for this! 
This post has been made in collaboration with Deliveroo BE.

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